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Vroom, vroom

When I was growing up, I was led to believe by the time I was an adult we’d all be driving Winding_road_clip_art_16800flying cars.  While that particular prediction has (sadly) remained out of reach so far, there are a number of new technologies in testing and being implemented. 

Google and Nokia have been experimenting with driverless cars and rumors are that Apple is as well.  Last year Audi revealed a driverless concept car that was able to reach 140 mph around a racetrack. California has issued approvals to let both Audi and Google start testing self-driving cars and a driverless “car” is now in use in London though it’s limited to 12 mph. 

While it’s not the fully self-driving car, Ford has released a new technology that uses a camera to read speed limit signs and reduce the speed of the car accordingly by reducing the gas intake.  When the speed limit rises, the driver can then accelerate but only to the new speed limit.  They have also developed a technology that is able to detect people in the road ahead and will automatically apply the brakes if the driver does not. 

They’re even looking at adding technology to the roads.  Anything from using the breeze created by passing cars to power LED lights in the roads to sensors to detect icy conditions to heating elements to deal with the ice. Not sure how you reboot a highway though.


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