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Marking O365 messages as Read

Have you experienced a situation where you read an email in Office 365 but it doesn’t get marked as read? I like to check my messages on my PC when I’m at work and my Android phone while I’m away from my desk, and sometimes my phone will indicate I have a new message to read even though I already read it on my PC.

The solution I have to remedy this is to:

1.    Click on the Gear in the upper right and select Options
2.    Expand Mail, Automatic processing on the left-hand side (this was already open for me by default)
3.    Select Mark as read
4.    In the window that appears, choose Mark displayed items as read and change the number of seconds to wait before making items as read to zero
5.    Save your changes

This will automatically mark your messages as read once you’ve clicked on them. Now you won’t have messages that you’ve read lingering around acting like they are new.


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