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Ctrl + Click (open in a new tab)

I use the right-click context menu all the time when I'm skimming through posts in my blog reader, scrolling through Facebook's news feed, or doing research. I find a link I want to read more about (but not right away), right-click it and choose "Open in a new tab." Then later when I'm done with my initial looking, I go back to the tabs I opened and do my in-depth reading. Ctrl-click

Recently, I was working on a Chromebook without a mouse. I didn't have a button for right-clicking, but I wanted to open a link in a new tab.

Enter...  CTRL + click.
Pressing the Ctrl key while clicking a link will automatically open it in a new tab! Love, love, LOVE this!

Want to open a link in a new window? Try SHIFT + click instead!

Additional notes:

  • A shout out to Dan who wrote about opening a link in a new tab using a mouse's scroll wheel
  • Chromebooks also don't have "Page Down" or "Page Up" keys which I frequently use when browsing, so I had to go back and look up this TechBits post.
  • I almost titled this post, "Things that are missing on a Chromebook", but that sounded a little negative, and overall I really was enjoying my Chromebook experience with its fast bootup, nicely-sized keyboard, and great battery life.


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I love this! I am a bit of a nut about opening new tabs and I'm glad I am not the only one. Also, I had forgotten about using the mouse's scroll wheel so this is a good reminder.

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