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SHARKK Mouse Review

Vertical mice reduce the stress felt in the forearm because they allow you to maintain a natural hand and arm position.  A co-worker has already discussed the Evoluent product and its benefits in a previous TechBit.  Evoluent is appropriately regarded as the leading manufacturer of ergonomically-friendly, vertical mice.  They have the reviews to back it up. DSCN1592

There are a few more economical options on the market.  I ended up buying the SHARKK® product on Amazon.com for $18.99.

The first thing you notice when using this mouse is that it isn’t completely vertical like the Evoluent mouse.  Still, my arm and hand placement feels natural, as if I am reaching out to shake someone’s hand.  It's easy to setup as well.  Just plug in the USB receiver, install the included batteries, turn it on and you’re ready to go.  I found the mouse to have great tracking and scrolling ability.  The forward and backwards buttons are helpful in a web browser when I remember to use them.

I am not recommending the SHARKK® mouse over the Evoluent, but it is a nice mouse for home use if you want to save a little money.  I am glad took a chance on it.

The image above shows (from L-to-R) a standard Dell mouse, a SHARKK® mouse and the Evoluent.


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