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Firefox Changes Default Search Provider

Last month in the evening of December 16 SCLS sent out version 34.0.5 of Firefox to all SCLS-supported staff PCs and afterwards you may have noticed a change.  Mozilla announced that with this version they were ending a 10-year partnership with Google as Firefox's default search provider. They instead switched to use Yahoo, which from what I read was based on "money because the bulk of Mozilla's revenue comes from the search deals it negotiates -- while others said that ideology also played a part."

Some more information I read about it said that "only users who had left Firefox's default search engine untouched were to be switched to Yahoo. Those who had already ditched Google for another provider, Bing or DuckDuckGo, for instance, would continue to see that engine as the default."  Unfortunately for me and possibly for you too, I did not change the default search provider as I liked Google.  So now you're asking: "Is there anything I can do to change it back?"  Well, I'm glad you asked as there is something that you can do.  But, instead of me telling you how to do it I am going to refer you to the Wisconsin State Law Library's January 2015 newsletter where Heidi Yelk wrote an awesome "Tech Tip in Brief" about how to do that.


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