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Excel: Selecting or Jumping Through All or Some Data in a Column

Let’s say that you have an Excel spreadsheet with 3,349 rows, Xcel

  • do you know how to easily select data, from any point within an Excel column, to the bottom of the data in that column?
  • do you know how to jump from any point within an Excel column to the bottom of the data in that column?

Shift, End and arrow down might become your friends.

In these examples, we’ll focus on manipulating data from column ‘C’.


What if you’re interested in selecting data from C 2,000 all the way to the bottom of the data in that column, C 3,349?

  • Click on cell C 2,000
  • Hold down the Shift key
  • With the Shift key depressed, press and release the End key and then press and release the arrow down key. Voila! (This is an easy way to copy paste lots of data quickly.)

Select in Excel



What if you want to jump from the top of the column, C1, to the bottom of data in the column, C3,349?

  • Click on C1
  • Press and release End.
  • Press and release the down arrow. Voila!

Note: These examples focus on selecting data ‘down’ the column. Data can similarly be selected ‘up’ the column by using the up arrow.

Caution: These ‘tricks’ only work with contiguous data. If a cell is empty of data within a column, the final down arrow will take you to the first empty cell.

Good luck selecting and jumping!


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