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Constantly changing Office 365

SendEmailOffice 365, the web-based email and calendar solution provided by SCLS, is frequently updated by Microsoft. On one hand, that's great. We're the lucky recipients of new features, bug fixes, and improvements with little to no work on our part. On the other hand, things are constantly changing and it's hard to keep up sometimes!

Office 365's recent upgrade brought with it new ways to manage your mailbox and shuffled some settings around. For example, when you click on the Settings gear in the upper right, the whole menu looks different, and when you go into the Options, the whole layout is rearranged! 

Here is an overview of the changes and new features and details about the new "Clutter" feature, which is designed to move low priority messages out of your Inbox and into their own folder. SCLS staff will be updating any out-of-date Office 365 documentation on our website as time permits.


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