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Can Your Password Change Your Life?

PadlocksLast week, the Swiss Army Librarian posted about a recent password article that he'd read. It's called Choosing Secure Passwords and worth a read. The word "Choosing" in the title reminded me of another article that I'd like to share with you.

What if you could use your password like a superpower or a mantra to help you change something in your life? One man did just that and I think it's a pretty neat story. In his particular environment, passwords needed to be changed every 30 days. He was going through some challenges in his personal life and used his password to help him through it. Here's an example he used: Quit@smoking4ever (quit smoking forever) - which he did. Typing this password in many times a day really motivated him and helped him achieve his goals.

While I don't have to change my passwords that often, I have started thinking of using them in a more positive way. Here's what my password for this month would be: IwR+H3mOct26 which means I will run the Haunted Hustle Half Marathon October 26. What would yours be?

* Password, password, who all has your password?, November 15, 2013. Cindy helpfully includes links to several TechBits articles on passwords.

* Hackable or Uncrackable, May 9, 2014

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