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Website tip: Remove old email addresses

Bye-scls-emailIf your email address has changed recently... for example, if your @scls.lib.wi.us email has been retired (hint, hint), take some time today to make sure the old address is not present on your library's website.

Start with this checklist to confirm your old address is no longer in use:

  • Within the text on pages that are common on library websites*: About Us, Contact Us, Ask Us a Question, Staff
  • Linked or in text in the banner/sidebars/footer of all pages*
  • Receiving response emails from forms patrons may use for communicating with the library: Ask Us a Question, Reserve a Meeting Room, etc.
    • If you maintain web forms with your own FormAssembly account, Google Apps/Drive, or Drupal modules, check for email addresses on the form, thank-you/confirmation screen, or notification email recipient.
    • If SCLS maintains these web forms for you in FormAssembly, the recipient address of email notifications has already been updated; however, if your forms have a visible email address on the form, please notify us to update it.
  • Drupal users, please follow up with our checklist of extra Drupal-y places where an old email address may need to be updated.
  • Any web service you may use to send newsletters to patrons (BookLetters, Dear Reader, FeedBurner, MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.)

* Publishing/linking email addresses on your website will attract spam and is not recommended. Using web contact forms allows the public to contact you without publishing your email address in a way that spammers can easily find it.


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