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Google Forms Tips from Free Technology for Teachers

One of the blogs I follow, and check often, is called "Free Technology for Teachers" written by Richard Byrne. One of Richard's areas of expertise is in Google Apps and I've learned lots from him. Over the past couple of weeks, he's posted several Google Forms tips and I thought I'd share them with you.


First, How to be Notified When Someone Completes Your Google Form. I've been using Google Forms more recently as part of the OverDrive Support Course and for other short surveys. If I don't set up a reminder, I often forget to go in and check for new submissions. Now I get a daily email with that information. Great timesaver for me!

Second, Now You Can Customize Background Images and Themes in Google Forms - Here's How. Google Forms comes with some standard themes and I've cycled through all of them (at least those I like). Now I can use my own photos as backgrounds. Watch for that in upcoming forms!

Last, but not least, How to Convert Google Spreadsheet Cells into a Google Document. One of our recent surveys asked for an open-ended response and the results were hard to read in the regular spreadsheet format. Had I already installed this add-on (Save as Doc), it would have made the results easier to read. I'll be trying this feature with my next survey!

I highly recommend following Free Technology for Teachers. It's full of great resources and tips for educators - and librarians. Enjoy!




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