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Watching for email to your old address



Did your library migrate to Office 365?

September... October... November... December... JANUARY!

We've started the countdown to the retirement of the @scls.lib.wi.us email addresses.

Five months may seem like a lot of time, but January will be here before you know it.

Watch for email sent to your @scls.lib.wi.us address
If you've configured your Office 365 account according to the instructions provided by SCLS, email to your old address will automatically be put in your "@scls.lib.wi.us" folder.

Take action on email sent to your old @scls.lib.wi.us address
Notify the sender of your new address, update your blog or email list subscriptions so they are sent to your new address, or remove yourself from mailing lists you no longer want to receive. Be sure to also update your email address with vendors so you don't miss any important bills or subscription renewals.

By January, all of your non-spam email should be going to your new address. At the end of January, the SCLS email server (and all of the @scls.lib.wi.us addresses) will be retired.


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