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Managing spam

NigerianPrinceYou probably get a lot of spam -- confidential business propositions, special deals on "blue pills", a member of the Nigerian royal family asking for help transferring a large sum of money, and other fantastic offers. Most email programs have junk filters to help filter out the spam. If you're not-so-lucky, you may have to manually mark messages like these as Junk to help train your junk filter. If you're lucky, your junk filter is already pretty smart and will automatically dump the spam into your Junk mail folder.

So what's the catch with Junk filters?

Sometimes legitimate messages are mistakenly marked as Junk, so it's important to periodically review your Junk folder to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks. Most programs have a way to mark the legitimate mail as "not junk." If legit email continues to be marked as Junk, most programs allow you to change your settings to specify that certain senders are always handled as "not junk."

If you use Office 365 for email, you can use this info to help you manage your Junk email:

For other programs, consult the program's Help resources to learn more about handling Junk mail.


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