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Updating blog and newsletter subscriptions

Old emailIf you work at a library in the South Central Library System, chances are very good that your email address has changed recently. Keep an eye on your "@scls.lib.wi.us" folder for email being sent to your old @scls.lib.wi.us address -- you'll need to take action to keep receiving messages from these senders!

For newsletters and blogs that you subscribe to by email (like TechBits!) that arrive at your old address, you'll likely need to do one of two things:

Update your existing subscription information UpdatePreferences
Some email newsletters and blog subscriptions allow you to update your information. Look for links like "Update subscription preferences" at the bottom of the emails you receive for more information.

Unsubscribe with the old address and re-subscribe with your new email address Unsubscribe (then re-subscribe)
Some email subscriptions cannot easily be modified. Instead you may need to unsubscribe the old email address and re-subscribe with your new address. This is the case for TechBits emails. To unsubscribe, click the link at the bottom of your TechBits email, then re-subscribe using your new address. You'll receive an email to the new address asking you to confirm the subscription -- don't forget the confirmation step!


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