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Printing a Select Number of Pages from a Website

Don't you hate it when, say, you're reading a forum or blog and find an entry that you really like so much that you want a physical copy of it; and so you hit print and you end up printing out all 100+ pages of the forum tread or blog when all you wanted was just the one article? I know I do. I'm going to show you how to avoid such occurrances from happening using Print Preview and Print Ranges with Firefox. Though I use Firefox for this demonstration, the same functionality also exists in Internet Explorer and Chrome.

First, lets go over Print Preview. It's always a good idea to use Print Preview to see what's about to be printed if you're printing something that you don't often or regularily have to print. The first way to get to Print Preview is to click the "File" menu, then "Print Preview". If you have a newer version of Firefox and the File menu no longer appears, you can turn it on by right-clicking the empty space in the Tabs area and selecting "Menu Bar"



The second way is to click the "Hamburger" icon (in the previous Techbits article), then click "Print". It says Print, but it will really open Print Preview.


Print Preview will show you exactly what the printed pages will look like, how many total pages exist, and, by way of navigating, the number for each page. All this information is needed in order to print a chosen range of pages. Here's what Print Preview looks like. As you can see, there are many other options also available with Print Preview.


Use the blue arrow buttons to navigate to the content you'd like to print; remember which page it starts on. Then navigate to the last page containing the content and mark that page number. These two numbers are your print range.

Print Preview handily has a Print shortcut in its menu bar, in the upper-left corner. Click it to take you to the Print menu. Inside the Print menu, in the lower-left corner, is the Print range box. By default, Firefox is set to print all pages. We will instead use the next option down, the Pages option. Simply type in the start and end page numbers into the "from" and "to" boxes and when you hit OK only those select pages will be printed out.


And there you have it; no more wasted reams (hopefully) on excessive print jobs. This is also a handy tip to share with patrons having this sort of trouble as well.



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