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New OverDrive Account

OverDriveAccountIn late April, OverDrive released the latest version of the OverDrive App which includes a new feature - the OverDrive Account.

Why, you may ask, would I want another account? If your patrons want to sync their progress and bookmarks across multiple devices, this is the way to do it in OverDrive. I tested this out last week and here's what I found out.

In order for this to work, the title needs to be downloaded onto all devices and you need to be signed into your account. In my example, I used my iPhone and iPad mini. I downloaded and started reading on my iPad. Then, I opened the OverDrive app on my phone, signed into my account, downloaded the title and this is the message I received. When I tapped Yes, I was taken to the page I left off at on my iPad.

In addition to syncing, having an account will save you time in a few ways. Patrons are continually getting a new device or phone. If they have an OverDrive account, all they need to do after they download the OverDrive App is to sign in and any libraries and saved searches will be there. In addition, OverDrive will automatically activate your new device with Adobe Digital Editions. That, in itself, is quite the timesaver. Patrons can have up to six devices synced with their account and activated with the same Adobe ID.

You can find more information about this new feature on the OverDrive Help page. And, this account doesn't replace the need for a library card to check out titles from Wisconsin's Digital Library.



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Amy from STO asked a great question:

"What is the best wording we could use to differentiate a patron's
Overdrive account (for syncing) from his/her Overdrive account (logging
into Overdrive using WPLC and your library bar code)?"

And, I wanted to share my reply. Please share your comments - we'd love to hear them.

"I think, perhaps, it's time to start distinguishing the collection (catalog) - Wisconsin's Digital Library - from the vendor, OverDrive.

Here's how I keep it straight in my mind, though. The library card is for logging into WI Digital Library and checking out/downloading materials. My OverDrive account is for OverDrive in general and for syncing across my devices."

Hope that helps!

No siempre son buenas las actualizaciones

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