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2 Questions about YouTube

YouTube-logo-full_colorHow do I embed a YouTube video in a PowerPoint presentation?
Apparently, there's a trick to it that involves a few edits to the embed code! See this short (1:36) YouTube video, "HOW TO Embed a YouTube Video in a MS PowerPoint 2010"  for the details. 

How do I download a YouTube video?
A quick internet search turns up a ton of applications that will do this task. However, the real question might be, "is it legal to download a YouTube video?"

According to YouTube's "Download YouTube videos" support page, 

"In general, downloading videos that other people have posted on YouTube is not allowed. However, you can download MP4s of your own uploads."

See section 4 YouTube's Terms of Service for more details about permissions or restrictions related to the use of the service. 

Thanks to Kristine for passing these questions our way!


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