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What are these holes for?

I made an arrow pointing at the holeWhile sitting in our office on a freezing cold day last month a question was asked, “What are these holes for?” The holes in question are at the end of every modern day power plug. The two flat prongs have a little hole at the end. Why? After a little research it turns out those little holes serve several purposes.

Reason #1: When you punch out a hole it saves money on material. This seems reasonable.

Reason #2: When you insert the plug into an outlet, it slides along the contacts which have little bumps that fit into the holes to help secure it into the outlet. I haven’t taken apart any outlets lately so I’m going to take their word for it.

Reason #3: You can put a zip tie or small lock through the holes to prevent someone from plugging it into an outlet. I could see losing my temper if someone pulled that crap on me.

Trust me, you’re a better person now that you know this.


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I'm going to assume that this is the most interesting thing I will read all day. Thanks, Craig!

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