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Dots and Pluses = infinite gmail possibilities



Let's say you have the Gmail address myname@gmail.com...


Gmail "dot blindness"
Did you know that email addressed to m.yname@gmail.com, my.name@gmail.com, and m.y.name@gmail.com will all deliver to your address? Gmail ignores the periods! (Unfortunately, this is only true for regular Gmail accounts -- Google Apps addresses do not ignore the dots)

What's the advantage to doing this? You can set up Gmail filters to handle mail to different addresses in different ways. Let's say your family emails you at my.name@gmail.com -- those could be filtered and flagged as Important. Let's say that m.y.name@gmail.com is tied to online accounts -- a filter could label those messages as account-related. It's a helpful way to tell who's selling your address to other parties, too. If you signed a petition with myn.ame@gmail.com and suddenly your inbox is filled with garbage to that variation of your address, you'll know who's responsible.

Using a "+" for infinite addresses
If you append a "+" with additional characters to your gmail address, Gmail will also deliver this to you. For example, if you sign up for promotions from a particular vendor, you might give them the address myname+vendor@gmail.com. You could set up filters for this variation of your address the same way as you did above.

The "+" aliases also work for Outlook accounts. Yahoo's "Address Guard" service works in a similar way, but with dashes, in a basename-keyword@yahoo.com construction.


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