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OverDrive Audio Updates & Changes

If you're a regular audiobook listener through Wisconsin's Digital Library like me, there are some changes you should Listeningknow about.

There have always been two audio formats available: WMA (Windows Media Audio) and MP3. There are more WMA titles than MP3 (over 12,400 and 8,500 respectively). OverDrive recently announced they will be discontinuing the sale of WMA titles and at some point in the future, the only audio format will be MP3. For people like me, who regulary use the OverDrive Media Console on my home computer to transfer and convert WMA titles onto my iPhone, the transfer process should be easier.

Speaking of OverDrive Media Console, OverDrive recently released Version 3.3 for Windows. It includes a few design changes, but no major changes for us regular users.

Also updated was OMC 3 for Windows 8. This is available in the Windows Store. OverDrive created a training module to help library staff with the changes in OMC for Windows 8. You can view it here on the Learning Center. You'll find it under Products and Services.

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Jean, do you know if the titles that have only been available in the past as WMA ones will be available as MP3? I always thought it was a publisher choice that said yea or nay to whether we could purchase an MP3 version (which is why there are fewer of them), so will publishers now be selling in MP3 what they only sold in WMA?

Hi Jane,

According to their press release, OverDrive says they'll be working with publishers to get permissions to update the WMA only content that we already have in our collection to MP3. OverDrive also says that "In the event that some titles are unavailable, an alternate solution will be offered to make up for the lost titles." We'll have to wait and see what that means! Hopefully, the transition to all MP3s will be smooth and we won't lose any content.

And, my guess is that this will push publishers who only sold WMA formats to add or switch to MP3.


I have been an user of Overview ebooks and audiobooks for years. Many of my favorite titles were presented in WMA format. I am very disappointed that Overdrive made the decision to discontinue WAM format before making the titles available in MP3 format. Is there a time line for when the lost WMA content will be available in MP3 format? What is the percentage of WMA titles that were lost?


I'm sorry that you're disappointed about the WMA format no longer being available. OverDrive was able to get MP3 versions of many, but not all, of the WMA only titles. My understanding is that OverDrive continues to work with those publishers to get the content in MP3 format. If and/or when that happens, we'll be able to add those titles back to our collection.

In the end, just over 2,200 items - WMA and WMV formats - were removed from our collection. The current number of items in our audiobook and video collections are approximately 34,480 and 712 respectively.

Thank you for your comment about the loss of the WMA content. I will pass along your concerns to our selection committee and OverDrive.


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