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Best practice: Be up-front about what type of document is linked

PdfIn almost any situation where you are making a link to a PDF that lives online, give your readers a little tip-off that the link leads to a PDF. Same goes for other non-webpage-type documents: put the file type in parentheses after the link, and note the file size if it is a large file. Like so:

But wait, you say! If people know in advance that they'll land on a PDF (or CSV, or PPT, etc.), they might not click that link. And you would be right; however, people who have to be fooled into clicking a document link probably still won't read the document, plus they will be annoyed (or confused) while waiting for it to load.

Being up-front about what you are linking to helps your readers make an informed decision to download the linked file or not. If they are interested enough, they will!


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