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What to do with old worn-out batteries

Batteries_16x9When you're finished unwrapping your presents this year, and left in tears (of joy) that you finally got the Walk-man that plays both sides without ejecting you've been dreaming about, or if you're really lucky a Disc-man, you will soon be filing through you're junk draw looking for a fresh set of AA Ever-Ready's. By the end of the day they will be drained of their power, and as you stare at them in your hand once again you wonder should I recycle them or toss them in the...hey... a cookie!

Back in the real world, I have a large box of used alkaline batteries sitting in my office because I want to recycle them but our E-waste recycler doesn't want them since they don't have anyone that separates the metals and reuses them responsibly. They say to throw them in the trash. I thought what a shame, so after a little research it turns out they are right. Duracell has a very informative page on their site about this topic. They say these days alkaline batteries don't use the toxic metals they once did back before the 90's. So instead of throwing them in the trash and feeling bad, now you can throw them in the trash and feel a little less bad, but don't throw a lot at once away because that is bad.

By the way, even though NiCad batteries are more expensive and don't hold a charge as long as an alkaline they can be recycled after they have met their demise.

Photo credit: doyourpart.com


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