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Move those windows!

Most of the SCLS-supported PCs are now running Windows 7. Here's an easy way to make 2 windows sit side-by-side and split your screen real estate in Windows 7:

1st window
Dock the window to the left using Windows Key + Left Arrow
Docked left

2nd window
Dock the window to the right using  Windows Key + Right Arrow
Docked side-by-side

Have 2 monitors? Try these handy keyboard commands in Windows 7!

  • Move window to the left monitor = Windows Key + Shift + Left Arrow 
  • Move window to the right monitor = Windows Key + Shift + Right Arrow

Update: Tsk, tsk. I wrote this post from home, testing on my home PC. Apparently there is a Windows setting that must be enabled for this feature (called "Snap" by Microsoft) to work on SCLS-supported PCs. See this Microsoft page for instructions on how to make the change: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/how-do-i-turn-snap-on-or-off.  Many thanks to those folks who let me know it didn't work by default!


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