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Recognition-based search

Identify song

These are just a few examples of times when recognition-based search might save the day!

As you may have gathered from past TechBits posts ("Using Google to find a book by its color", "Drag and drop for Google Image Search", and "Search tips for more successful Googling"), we're pretty big fans of Daniel M. Russell's SearchReSearch blog and all the helpful search tips it contains.

Daniel recently published a "What recognition-based search apps are there?" post which compiles a helpful list of various apps (or tools) that can be used to recognize objects or signals in the world. The list includes the more common services (Google Goggles, Google Search-By-Image, and Shazam) to some offerings for very specific types of identification (LeafSnap and WhatTheFont). 

It's a fascinating collection of resources --- I had no idea most of these existed! If you have a few minutes, give them a quick peek!


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