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A Couple Windows Tips

One way to open a command prompt is to Click Start > Click Run... > Type cmd > Hit Enter.  Then you might want to change the directory using the cd command. Capture

If you already have the folder or directory open, a quicker way to accomplish this is to hold the Shift key
then right-click inside the folder and select Open command window here...

A command prompt will open and the current directory will be the same as the path to the folder you have open.  This works in Windows Vista and newer.

Another trick for Windows Vista and greater is the Copy as path function.  This is useful when you need to upload an email attachment or file to a cloud service.  It also works great when you want to send the path to a shared file to another user.

To use the Copy as path function, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the file in the folder system
  2. Hold down shift Key
  3. Right-click the file
  4. Select Copy as path
  5. You can now paste that path where needed


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