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Password, password, who all has your password?

Last month Adobe emailed millions of users, including myself, to tell us that their network had been breached, hackers had stolen our login information and that our passwords had been reset.  To get an idea of how big the problem was, according to the news reports, over 150 million usernames, passwords and password hints were stolen though Adobe says only 38 million records belong to active users.

With all the passwords reset you would think that should be the end of it, right?  Well other online companies, including Facebook, are using the leaked list of logins (say that three times fast) to determine if they have users the same login credentials.  And, in a real-world example of why using the same password on multiple sites isn’t a good idea, they’re finding matches.  

If you received an email saying your Adobe password had to be reset and you use that password in other locations, it’s extremely important that you reset that password everywhere you were using it.  If you received an email saying your Adobe password had been hacked and login here to change it, check the links, it’s probably a scam.  In either case, if you’re using the same password in multiple locations, please change them to something different.  Otherwise one security breach can give people access to everything.  

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