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Fix broken links with Firefox LinkChecker add-on

Screen shot of right-click menuBroken links on a library's website are like weeds in a garden or broken windows in a home—they tell visitors, "No one takes care of this place. Fend for yourself!" But the Firefox LinkChecker add-on makes finding these broken links easy.

After installing LinkChecker, visit a web page that needs checking, right-click, and select Check Page Links (or go to Tools > Check Page Links). LinkChecker tests the links one by one and adds color highlighting to show you the state of each:

  • Valid (green)
  • Forwarded/forbidden (yellow—as in, LinkChecker couldn't do this one; you be the judge)
  • Broken (red)

What can't LinkChecker do? Find appropriate replacements for the broken links and actually fix the links. Or decide whether the linked resources are still useful and appropriate. That needs a librarian's touch!

Screen shot of color highlighting on links

Uh oh, looks like I've got some work to do on my Delicious links...


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