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Can PDFSplit save your kids from learning foul language?


Just about every household item from my washer to my air compressor has a PDF manual on line.  Most of these have the instructions in multiple languages, a ton of "read this before" sections and even some advertising.  I use PDFSplit! to get rid of all that stuff so when I'm in the middle of a crisis I have only what I need.  Now when I'm frustrated that the washer isn't working I at least have what I need to fix it at my fingertips.  This really cuts down on my wife having to say to the kids:  "What your father meant to say was..."

(To keep track of all the manuals that I split I use Evernote.)

I also use PDFSplit! at work.  One really exciting part of my job is to read a lot of manuals for the products I work with.  Most of these manuals are in the PDF format and have hundreds of pages.  I've found that out of the hundreds of pages there are only a handful that I really need.  In the past I would save the entire PDF and then two years later have to go through it to find the small section I need.  It turns out that this is not the greatest way to operate!  Now I just save the parts of the manual I need.


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