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Windows 8 resources

Windows8tutorialI bet you've had questions from patrons visiting your library about how to do things in Windows 8. (How flattering that they think we might know!) Have you had the answers? Do you know where to steer them?

Here are a few resources for learning about Windows 8:

GCFLearnFree.org has some Windows 8 tutorials. These tutorials are broken out into multiple lessons that include both text, screenshots, and short videos.

Microsoft has put together the downloadable "Windows 8 End User Training Brochure", a 36-page PDF introduction to Windows 8's interface and operation. The title might not sound that friendly, but it's filled with colorful screenshots and how-tos (short PCWorld review of the manual is here)

Like videos? The Windows 8 & Windows RT tutorial has tons of them, and it looks like most are under a minute long!, There are 8 sections covering everything from learning to get around using a touch screen or mouse, to installing apps and shutting down . 

What resources would you recommend?


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