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Phone Scam Alert: (288) 918-6555 "This is Mike from Microsoft and your computer is infected"


Last week I was working in my office when I got a call from 288-918-6555.  I didn't recognize the number but I get a lot of vendor calls so I answered it.  The person on the other end had a thick foreign accent and said that his name was Mike from Microsoft and that my computer was infected and I need to go to it right now so he could help me.  "Mike" was very hard to understand but he did have sense of urgency. 

I've been watching the show ABC's The Lookout.  It's about the scams, fraud and exaggerated lengths that companies will go to get your money. Locksmith scams, cars that were flooded with water scams, and even big scams like what Kevin Trudeau has done.  My favorite one is beware of the all-inclusive resort

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Ok, back to this call from Mike.  From the point where Mike told me that my computer was infected I was on to him.  There is no way he even knew what kind of computer I had or what operating system I was using.  Mike instructed me to do a few things until I got fed up and I told him that he should be ashamed of himself.  I told him that I wanted to talk to his supervisor.  He told me that he was the supervisor, boss, and manager.  So I asked for the CEO.  Mike then hung up on me.

I did a little digging and found that his is a scam that has been going on for a long time and people fall for it.  In the end they have you purchase software to fix your computer.

I guess the lesson for all of us is to stop and think about what is being requested of us.  Even if the other person has a sense of urgency or is very charismatic.  Don't part with your money easily and be alert.  If you get that suspicions feeling, listen to it!


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