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iGoogle Being Retired - Tomorrow!

RIP_iGoogleFor those of you who don't know iGoogle was a homepage that you could personalize with your choice of any number of gadgets. These gadgets came in lots of different forms and provided access to activities and information from all across the web. The ones that I used the most was the one that let me view my gmail and my Google calendar, without ever having to leave the iGoogle page.

According to Google's website this latest round of, what they call "Spring Cleaning", brings the total number of features or services closed since they began in 2011 to 70.  If you wish to see the other things being retired with iGoogle you can go to their "Spring cleaning in summer" blog posting.  This is the second Google service that I loved and used quite a bit that was retired.  The other being Google Reader, which I wrote about in the Techbits post entitled "Google Reader Being Retired - SOON!"

Google reported that the reason they were retiring it was because "the need for iGoogle has eroded over time."  Yet when I looked on the web there were alot of people using it who were sad to see it go away.  I converted over to Protopage yesterday and it seems to be filling my needs just fine.

If any of you use a start page please leave a comment letting me know what you use and how you like it.


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Try to switch to http://www.iloggo.com - icons based homepage which also work on mobile browsers

I'm using http://www.hinto.co as from today !

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