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Places for questions

AskquestionEver wonder how other libraries are doing this, that, or the-other-thing?
"What are you using for a gate counter?"
"How is your library deploying iPads?"
"Are other libraries that circulate Nooks having problems with the cords breaking?"

SCLS has some email lists for asking about it. Two of the more general ones are:

  • link-discuss - An open list for group discussion in the LINKcat library community (for LINKcat-related topics)
  • scls-discuss - An open list for group discussion in the SCLS library community (for general topics)

A few of the SCLS-hosted email lists that cover more specific technology-related topics include:

  • scls-drupal - A list for discussion and information related to SCLS libraries' use of Drupal
  • scls-libonline - A list for libraries using Library Online to manage time on public patron PCs
  • scls-socialmedia - A list for discussion of libraries' use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and other web tools

Wisconsin has these library-related email lists:

  • wispublib  - The Wisconsin public library email list, a "venue to discuss public library issues of interest to the state's public library community"
  • wispublibIT - wispublibIT is an informal discussion listserv for IT staff at WI public libraries, from the individual library (non-system) perspective. However, our friends in public library system IT are welcome to participate as well

What other forums (email lists, discussion forums, wikis, websites, groups, etc) do you know of for library-related questions and topics? Are there any that you use regularly?


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