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Do You Know...?

I would like to address in this article a few things that everyone at all libraries should know.

1. All Login Information

All library staff, whether full-time, part-time or once in a great while fill-in staff should know, or know where to get, all login information for all things that they need to do their job.  So for instance everyone should know their library's Windows login information, which includes the user id and password.  The same goes for Koha and Getit.  If a staff person forgets this information there should be some staff-only accessible area where they can look it up.  The Help Desk will not give out this information and will recommend that other staff at your library be consulted for this information.

2. Windows XP End of Life

Effective April 8, 2014 Microsoft is officially ending support for Windows XP Service Pack 3.  On this date if any library has any SCLS-supported PCs still running Windows XP the library will be responsible for supporting these PCs themselves as SCLS will no longer support them.  This lack of SCLS support for obsolete software is talked about in our SCLS Hardware and Software Support Policy. So it is in your best interest to get all staff and patron PCs upgraded to either Windows Vista or Windows 7 before this date which is only about 8 months away.

3. One Help Desk

There is now one Help Desk for both Koha and Technology issues.  The phone number is 608-242-4710 or toll-free at 855-583-2435.  These phone numbers are only to be used by SCLS library staff.  You can find out more information about this on the Technology News Blog article entitled "One Help Desk (for Koha and Technology services)".

If you have ways that work at your library to disseminate information like what is talked about above, please leave a comment so that others can learn from your experience.


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