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Readers Advisory, QR Coded

My favorite part of being a librarian has always been talking about books - also known as Readers 3528816226_a626b5ea17_tAdvisory (RA). Since 1997, I've kept a list of the books that I've read. It started out in a print journal, then migrated to an Excel spreadsheet, and is now kept on LibraryThing. This list wasn't only for my benefit. As a librarian, I would use my list of books to help provide RA services to patrons.  

Librarians are great at making lists, especially book lists. We generate read-alike lists for every genre, subject, and age range. In addition to using my LibraryThing lists, I often used NoveList as a great resource for generating these lists for our patrons. What then? How to get the book lists into the hands of our patron at the point of need?

Qrcode.14189148The Swiss Army Librarian's library has an answer - a really great answer, I think. They've put their booklists online using their online catalog, generated a QR Code that links to that list, printed a label with the QR Code and put it in towards the end of the book. The QR Code directs readers to a list with similar titles. Talk about keeping the interest of our readers/patrons! 

(QR code will take you to my LibraryThing catalog)


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