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Monday Match Game

We're going to play a matching game today. Match the icon or symbol with its meaning:

1. Gear

  A. My Account (OverDrive)

2. Menu

  B. Available eBook (OverDrive)

3. Search   C. Help
4. Wireless   D. Home
5. ODAccount

  E. Available Audiobook(OverDrive)

6. Home   F. Settings
7. ODHelp   G. Wireless
8. ODeBookAvailable   H. Search
9. ODAudioAvailable   I. Battery Charge
10. Charge   J. Menu

Before peeking at the answer key below, how many did you get right? These are some common symbols and icons that appear on many smart phones, tablets, ereaders and other devices. Icons on your device may vary slightly.

Are there icons or symbols on your device that you don't recognize? Check out the User Guide for your individual device for additional information.

 Thanks to Rose for the idea!




Answers: 1.F; 2.J; 3.H; 4.G; 5.A; 6.D; 7.C; 8.B; 9.E; 10.I


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