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Touch Screen Monitors

Td2220_left_hires_1Several people have asked me about the touch screen monitors Reedsburg Public Library is using for delivery and at their check-out desk. To help answer some of your questions, I created a short video highlighting some of the features of the Viewsonic touch screen.

Reedsburg Public Library also opted to purchase different stands that are more flexible than the included stand that comes with the monitor which only lets you tilt.

If you are interested in purchasing one for your library you can order them by going to the peripherals order form.




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Love the video! If you order stands through AFC industries, don't forget to ask about a discount for schools & libraries.

Does this reduce strain caused so often by using a flat mouse?

I don't believe this will reduce strain caused by a standard mouse. If you're interested in a vertical mouse, we use this one in our office.

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