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The Best Way to Update Third Party (Flash, Java, Reader, etc) Programs on EARTH!


Ninite - enough said.

I'm serious when I say that Ninite is the best way on earth to update over 100 third party programs.  It doesn't matter if you have one computer or 100,000 computers. 

For home users it's super easy!  Go to the Ninite.com , check the applications that you want to update, download the installer and run it.  As easy is that is there is even an easier way!  Purchase the Ninite updater for $9.99 a YEAR and let it do it for you! (Seriously buy it now)

For enterprise IT there is Ninite Pro.  Ninite Pro has literally saved us thousands of staff hours when it comes to updates.  Ninite Pro can be used with almost all management tools like System Center, ZENworks, KACE, Kaseya, Labtech, etc.  It can automatically disable the annoying update prompts, install silent, give meaningful logs, and disable shortcuts from being added to the desktop.  There is so much more too.  Oh and did I mention that it is cheaper than you would ever imagine!

So the bottom line is get it, use it. 

One sad thing is that Adobe had the Ninite people pull Flash Player from the free version.  Probably because they want you accidentally install the add on stuff when you forget to check "don't install" fom the Adobe website.  Flash is available for paying customers!



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