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Notes on OverDrive: The Next Generation

We're over two weeks and five training sessions into the Next Generation of OverDrive and here's what I've learned so far:

  • OverDrive is still fixing and tweaking the site and App so little things may change from day to day
  • The OverDrive Apps have all been updated - Yay!CancelHold
  • I've started referring to transferring titles from the computer to a device as the "traditional" or "old way" (it's still my way for my NOOK Tablet)
  • Patrons can now cancel holds during the 3-day period it's available to borrow
  • Able to tell at a glance if a title is available ODeBookAvailable
    Or not ODeBookUnavailable

  • Someone at your library should be subscribed to the WPLC Email List as OverDrive tips and news are shared here

Librarians are awesome! Jim Ramsey from Middleton Public Library graciously offered to share the instructions they created for use with patrons and gave me permission to post them here. They're in Word format so feel free to customize for your library. Thanks Jim!

  1. Kindle Step-by-Step 
  2. Kindle Fire with OverDrive App
  3. NOOK Color/Tablet with OverDrive App
  4. Android Tablet with OverDrive App
  5. iPad and other IOS Devices with OverDrive App


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I agree the contributions from Middleton Public Library (yay Jim!) are a welcome addition. Are there plans to make these documents freely available on the Middleton web site? Could another library post them on their Web site? Granted, this type of material would need to be constantly updated as Overdrive incorporates new changes and adapts to new devices, but I have to believe that a lot of library patrons would benefit from having this material available 24/7.

Not trying to step on anyone's toes here. I'm just not sure that we're making the best use of the information we share with each other if we're not sharing it with our end users as well.

I agree, this has been very helpful. I've even printed out the ones for the iPad and Kindle eReader, to give to patrons. Thank you Middleton!

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