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Header and footer fun (aka "where does that document live?")

I wanted to add a footer to my Word document that would automatically display the name of the document and the path to the document. I knew how to add a footer, but couldn't figure out how to make the file and path information appear without me typing it... so I looked it up. Here's the answer:

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  1. Insert tab -> Footer 
    (I chose the "Blank" option)
  2. Insert tab -> Quick Parts -> Field...
  3. Select "FileName" and check the box to "Add path to filename"
  4. Click on the Design tab and click "Close Header and Footer" to finish

Easy peasy. And it's the same basic idea when working with headers.

Footer with file path

Footer with SaveDate and LastSavedBy fieldsAnother helpful option might be to add the "SaveDate" and "LastSavedBy" fields to easily know when and by whom the document was last updated.

Which of the "Quick Parts" fields do you use in your documents?


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