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Thunderbird Information

TbirdThe email client that we use, Thunderbird, has some issues when there are multiple email accounts on the same PC.  I'm sure you've all run into the issue with trying to open more than one email account on a PC.  It will just go to the open email account and not open the one you wanted.  The other issue which I know some people are aware of, as I've fixed it for them, is that when you click on an email link it may or may not open the email account that you want.  This is a factor of the order in which the email accounts were created on the PC.  The first one created is used by Thunderbird as what they call the "default" email account.  This can be be changed to another email account, but only one email account.  You can't have multiple email accounts for a default.  So if this issue has been causing you some trouble give me a call at the Help Desk and I can help you correct it.


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