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Pinning Files and Folders in Office

The Recent Items or My Recent Documents feature in Windows is a handy way to quickly pull up documents you've been working on recently.  The same goes for the Recent document list in Word.  But what if you're working with a lot of files?  The "recent" lists are ever-changing and the file you're looking for might not be on the list for very long.

Micrsoft Office has a feature that allows you to "pin" files and locations to the Recent lists to make sure they are always available on the list.  Office 2007 allows you to pin files and Office 2010 allows you to pin both files and places, aka recently used folders. 

Click on File from the menu bar and then click on Recent.  Your current "recent" files and locations will now appear.  After each file or folder name is a grey sideways pushpin icon.  Click on the pushpin icon once to pin the file or folder to the list.  If you no longer need that file or folder pinned, just click on the now blue "pushed in" pushpin icon and the file or folder will be unpinned.

Just remember that each file or folder you pin means one less unpinned file or folder that will show up in your Recent list in Office. 



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