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OverDrive: The Next Generation

Guest post by Jean Anderson

With apologies to Star Trek: The Next Generation

Anyone visiting Wisconsin’s Digital Library since yesterday (February 21) morning noticed some pretty big changes in the appearance of our site along with some new options when downloading titles.

Some of the cool changes include a much easier check out process.
Borrow Button 
Patrons can choose their desired format after checking out the title or can read the books immediately via their web browser. Patrons can still download the title to their ereader using the App, Adobe Digital Editions, or Amazon (for Kindle books). Reading in your browser is simply another option for reading ebooks.

One benefit of Reading in Your Browser is patrons can read the same book on multiple devices. Check out and start reading a title on your laptop then pick up where you left on on your iPad or other tablet. Log into Wisconsin’s Digital Library using the web browser on your device (not the OverDrive app if you have it installed) and go to your Bookshelf and then Read. The book will load - exactly where you left off - in another tab. Save the title as a bookmark or favorite to read the book without being online. I’ve been testing this out and it’s pretty cool!

OverDrive has updated their help pages to cover all the changes and new features. One tip for iPad/iPhone users - turn Private Browsing off in order for the title to load in Safari. I haven’t played with this on an Android tablet or phone. If anyone has tips to share, please leave a comment.


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