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Widescreens are in.

Dell 19 inch widescreen monitorFor the last two months Dell has been slowly been getting ready to discontinue the standard 19 inch monitor that we’ve been purchasing for several years. They're replacing them with widescreens and making it attractive by lowering the price on them. The standard monitor can no longer be purchased with a system. We are being given a choice of 19, 22, and 24 inch widescreen monitors when purchasing a system. I will update the SCLS website once the Dell website stabilizes and they settle on standard models. The options seem to change every time I log onto their site.

The 19-inch widescreen is about a half inch shorter than your standard 19-inch monitor and two inches wider. It also costs a few dollars less than the standard monitors did. I’ve ordered a few already and so far I haven’t had any complaints from a dissatisfied user.


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If and when some of us get a widescreen monitor, will it be possible to reorient the display so it's taller rather than wider? Not a lot of the work we do needs width, but if the display is taller, then more information will display on one screen and we won't have to scroll up and down as much. FYI, I work in cataloging, which is still predominantly keyboard-centric rather than mouse-centric.

Here's a link to a web page outlining some pros and cons. http://bit.ly/MrjkRv


All of our Windows 7 staff PCs are capable of veiwing landscape and portrait so the only limitation would be the if the monitor stand isn't capable of rotating. Most of the low end widescreen monitors that we order are not capable of rotating.

Thanks Craig! Good to know.

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