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Show the desktop

If you're like me you open a lot of windows throughout the day.  Then when you want to get back to the desktop you have to minimize a lot of windows.  There is an easier and quicker way to get back to the desktop. 

In Windows XP there is a Show Desktop button in the Quick Launch toolbar just to the right of the Start button.


In Windows 7 the Show Desktop button is now on the opposite side of the tool bar from the Start button.


The Windows 7 Show Desktop button also has a neat feature that is called Aero Peek.  What this does is if you hover your mouse over the Show Desktop button it instantly minimizes all of your open windows.  Then when you move the mouse away all of your windows return.  If instead of hovering over it you click on it all open windows instantly minimize.

In both Windows 7 and Windows XP there are two other ways to get back to your desktop:

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and there is a menu option to Show Desktop.
  2. Hold down the Windows button and hit d.



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Greetings, time traveler. Was your trip from 2009 arduous?

(Sorry, I had to give you a hard time given the tech theme of your blog.)

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