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Recommend to Library

Guest post by Jean Anderson

Wisconsin’s Digital Library has grown to include over 74,000 copies of over 27,000 titles (as of 1/30/2013). While that’s a lot of options, I’m sure there are titles that you and your patrons would love to see in the collection. Recommend To Library is a new feature recently added to Wisconsin’s Digital Library that will make it easy for you and your patrons to help grow the collection.

When patrons are logged in to their account and perform a search, they’ll see a tab for Additional Titles as part of the results list. Additional Titles

Clicking on that link will show all the titles available in the OverDrive collection (titles not on this list are likely absent due to publisher restrictions). Patrons will see the Recommend button RTLfor titles that are not currently part of the Wisconsin’s Digital Library.

Patrons can recommend up to three titles per month. The selection committee receives all the requests and places monthly orders for selected titles.

Thanks for your suggestions!

And thanks to Steve Heser at MCFLS for the great instructions and letting us use them!


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