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Thunderbird Font Size

A few libraries have asked how to change the global font size of Thunderbird instead of the font size used in messages.  If you want to change the font size of the mailboxes, the messages pane and Thunderbird menus, the Theme Font & Size Changer add-on is worth a look.

  1. Download the Theme Font & Size Changer add-on
  2. Open Thunderbird  MP900442939
  3. Click Tools
  4. Click Add-ons
  5. Click Extensions
  6. Click the little "gear" at the upper right and select Install Add-on From File...
  7. Go to the folder where the add-on is saved and double-click it
  8. Click Install Now
  9. Click Restart Now towards the upper right
  10. After Thunderbird restarts, click Tools
  11. Click Theme Font & Size Changer
  12. Now you can test the settings until you find one you like


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For reading messages sent to you, text in TB should dynamically resize if you hold down the Ctrl key and spin the mouse wheel. Many other apps also function like that.

When composing messages, keep in mind that what you see is not necessarily what the recipient will see, depending on their email program and its settings. Messages sent to me, for example, are all just plain text (as if you had written them in Notepad). I find that format to be much more legible than what some people do with their added HTML markup. If you want this vanilla-ness too, try the TB setting View => Message Body As => Plain Text.

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