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OverDrive - How do I...?

Guest post by Jean Anderson

QuestionsIt’s December 26, the library re-opens after the holiday and the first question you get is “How do I get library books on my tablet, Kindle, iPad, NOOK, etc.” Here are some tips to get you (and your patrons) the help you need.

First, check the OverDrive Help pages. If you haven’t looked at them recently, take a look. They’re much improved and include videos, articles, and device-based help. You can also explore the Device Resource Center and make sure the device your patron is asking about is compatible with Wisconsin’s Digital Library.

If your question isn’t answered there, you can contact WPLC for support. There’s a form linked here. Be sure to include as much information as you have to make it easier for staff to answer your questions.

In a recent email to the WPLC list, Jane Richard explained 2 common questions that are referred back to local libraries. First is expired cards. For SCLS libraries, when an expired card is renewed, or a new library card is issued, the information is updated overnight. The patron will be able to use their library card with Wisconin's Digital Library the next day. Second is replacement cards. If a patron gets a new library card and has existing holds and wishlists, this needs to be reported to OverDrive because OverDrive staff needs to do the actual transfer of holds and wishlists to the new card.

You can report replacement cards - or ask other questions - using the WPLC Support form or by contacting OverDrive Support directly (library staff only). This TechBits post from earlier this year will explain more about the OverDrive Support Account and how to get one.

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