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New features for Wisconsin's Digital Library in 2013

PresentHere's a peek inside a package marked "Do Not Open Until 2013." Subtle changes will be appearing in Wisconsin's Digital Library in mid-January:

  • "Additional Titles": a new search option which lets patrons search the entire OverDrive catalog (including titles not currently part of the Wisconsin's Digital Library collection).
  • "Recommend to Library": a button that will appear alongside titles that are not currently a part of the collection which lets patrons recommend a title be added to the collection.

What monumental change will also not be appearing right before the holiday rush? OverDrive Read's "See Book, Read Book" (the long-awaited technology that will allow titles to be read and downloaded without the use of additional software). The WPLC Board elected not to make this change in December to avoid training issues and added stress during libraries' busiest time of year for supporting patrons using downloadable ebooks and audiobooks. Watch for this feature in 2013!


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