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Is 4G really faster than 3G? How can I tell?

Now that I have a 4G phone I can't BELIEVE that I lived with 3G all those years...how was that possible?  I missed out on soooooo much.  But wait is it really faster?  How can I tell?  HELP!

There's an app for that:  FCC Mobile Broadband Test  It works on both Apple and Android devices.  I've used it for a long long time and it is a great indicator of what speed I'm connected at.  When I'm outside in a big city with full signal I've been averaging 19.44Mbps. (That's awesome)

Download the app and play around with your connection speed at various locations.  It can test 3G/4G speed as well as Wifi Speed. It's just a fun app to have.

I was kidding about that opening paragraph.  I'm not one of those "gotta have it NOW" tech people.  Remember, I grew up in the era where kids played in the woods,  we ran around outside and only ventured inside to eat dinner as fast as possible so we could go back outside again.


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