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Thunderbird Font Size

A few libraries have asked how to change the global font size of Thunderbird instead of the font size used in messages.  If you want to change the font size of the mailboxes, the messages pane and Thunderbird menus, the Theme Font & Size Changer add-on is worth a look.

  1. Download the Theme Font & Size Changer add-on
  2. Open Thunderbird  MP900442939
  3. Click Tools
  4. Click Add-ons
  5. Click Extensions
  6. Click the little "gear" at the upper right and select Install Add-on From File...
  7. Go to the folder where the add-on is saved and double-click it
  8. Click Install Now
  9. Click Restart Now towards the upper right
  10. After Thunderbird restarts, click Tools
  11. Click Theme Font & Size Changer
  12. Now you can test the settings until you find one you like

OverDrive - How do I...?

Guest post by Jean Anderson

QuestionsIt’s December 26, the library re-opens after the holiday and the first question you get is “How do I get library books on my tablet, Kindle, iPad, NOOK, etc.” Here are some tips to get you (and your patrons) the help you need.

First, check the OverDrive Help pages. If you haven’t looked at them recently, take a look. They’re much improved and include videos, articles, and device-based help. You can also explore the Device Resource Center and make sure the device your patron is asking about is compatible with Wisconsin’s Digital Library.

If your question isn’t answered there, you can contact WPLC for support. There’s a form linked here. Be sure to include as much information as you have to make it easier for staff to answer your questions.

In a recent email to the WPLC list, Jane Richard explained 2 common questions that are referred back to local libraries. First is expired cards. For SCLS libraries, when an expired card is renewed, or a new library card is issued, the information is updated overnight. The patron will be able to use their library card with Wisconin's Digital Library the next day. Second is replacement cards. If a patron gets a new library card and has existing holds and wishlists, this needs to be reported to OverDrive because OverDrive staff needs to do the actual transfer of holds and wishlists to the new card.

You can report replacement cards - or ask other questions - using the WPLC Support form or by contacting OverDrive Support directly (library staff only). This TechBits post from earlier this year will explain more about the OverDrive Support Account and how to get one.

Happy Reading!

New features for Wisconsin's Digital Library in 2013

PresentHere's a peek inside a package marked "Do Not Open Until 2013." Subtle changes will be appearing in Wisconsin's Digital Library in mid-January:

  • "Additional Titles": a new search option which lets patrons search the entire OverDrive catalog (including titles not currently part of the Wisconsin's Digital Library collection).
  • "Recommend to Library": a button that will appear alongside titles that are not currently a part of the collection which lets patrons recommend a title be added to the collection.

What monumental change will also not be appearing right before the holiday rush? OverDrive Read's "See Book, Read Book" (the long-awaited technology that will allow titles to be read and downloaded without the use of additional software). The WPLC Board elected not to make this change in December to avoid training issues and added stress during libraries' busiest time of year for supporting patrons using downloadable ebooks and audiobooks. Watch for this feature in 2013!

Is 4G really faster than 3G? How can I tell?

Now that I have a 4G phone I can't BELIEVE that I lived with 3G all those years...how was that possible?  I missed out on soooooo much.  But wait is it really faster?  How can I tell?  HELP!

There's an app for that:  FCC Mobile Broadband Test  It works on both Apple and Android devices.  I've used it for a long long time and it is a great indicator of what speed I'm connected at.  When I'm outside in a big city with full signal I've been averaging 19.44Mbps. (That's awesome)

Download the app and play around with your connection speed at various locations.  It can test 3G/4G speed as well as Wifi Speed. It's just a fun app to have.

I was kidding about that opening paragraph.  I'm not one of those "gotta have it NOW" tech people.  Remember, I grew up in the era where kids played in the woods,  we ran around outside and only ventured inside to eat dinner as fast as possible so we could go back outside again.

Get in the holiday spirit (by promoting downloadable ebooks & audiobooks)

When patrons unwrap brand new gadgets this holiday season, make sure they think of the library by promoting Wisconsin's Digital Library now. "They're going to use their new toys anyway, right? Why not direct them towards your digital library?"* Here are some ideas:

* Adam Sockel, in OverDrive's Digital Library Blog

H-APP-y Reading!

Guest post by Jean Anderson

Do you need to have a dedicated e-reader like a NOOK, Kobo, or Kindle to enjoy books from the Wisconsin's Digital Library (powered by OverDrive)? What if I have an iPad - regular or mini, a Nexus 7 or the new Microsoft Surface tablet. Does that mean I can’t check out library ebooks?

Woohoo! The answer is no! You can enjoy ebooks and audiobooks from the Wisconsin's Digital Library by downloading and installing the OverDrive app from the app store for your device. The OverDrive app is available for lots of different mobile devices as well as your desktop PC or Mac.

If you have a NOOK Color, NOOK Tablet, or the new NOOK HD or HD+, there’s finally an OverDrive app for Nook. This means no more connecting your NOOK to your PC to transfer an ebook. Turn on your wireless, find and check out an ebook, download it directly to your NOOK, and read!

The same is true for the Kindle Fire. Check out the Amazon App Store for the Android OverDrive app to make it easier to get books from the Wisconsin's Digital Library onto your Kindle Fire.

Check out the Device Resource Center to make sure the device on your wish list is compatible with OverDrive and H-APP-Y Reading!

Device update-- interested in hearing more about the "hot eBook devices for the holidays"? OverDrive has some webinars scheduled on this topic this Wed and Thurs (12/12 and 12/13).

OverDrive's Holiday Gadget Guide

iPadI know you've all been thinking, "Will TechBits write the 12 Days of OverDrive again this year? That was awesome!" (I hope that's what you're thinking, anyway!)

Well, it won't be 12 days of posts, but we will hit some highlights between now and Christmas, starting with... "OverDrive's Holiday Gadget Guide." OverDrive's blog post offers a nice overview of some of this season's hottest devices for library ebooks. They'll also be spotlighting some devices throughout the holiday season with posts like this one on the iPad mini.

Wondering how you'll use Wisconsin's Digital Library (powered by OverDrive) on these devices? Watch for our post next week about the OverDrive Media Console and apps.


Better email

Click on image to enlarge
Do you ever receive emails like the one on the right?  (I bet you do!)

Subject line... vague.
Body... lacking details.
Requested action... unspecified.

Unclutterer recently ran an excellent post, "Four Steps to Uncluttered Email Communication." In it, they suggest ways to unclutter email communication to make it clearer, more complete, and more consise.... and when to just pick up the phone instead.

I know I'll be keeping these tips in mind as I'm crafting my emails!

(Thanks to Rose for passing along the Unclutterer's blog post)