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Search The Skies For More Than Just Stars and Planets

Guest post by Michael Fehrenbach, SCLS intern extraordinaire!

Sputnik fell out of the sky decades ago, but since that historic landmark mankind has sent thousands of satellites in its place, performing a variety of useful functions. They’re used to calculate our position. We receive TV and radio from them. Maps are made from images collected by them.

Now, you can find where all those satellites are with the free Satellite AR app for Android devices from Analytical Graphics, Inc.

SatelliteAR offers an augmented reality (AR) experience, like Google Sky Map, to see the location of man-made satellites in the sky. There are numerous satellite categories to choose from and observe. You can look for anything, from the International Space Station and other objects potentially visible with the naked eye, to DirectTV satellites so that you can check if your dish is properly oriented. All satellite tracking data is provided by CelesTrak.com.

With the new moon this week, it is now the optimal time to hunt for satellites. The best time to look is as soon as the sky darkens after sunset. How many satellites can you find?


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